Sally The Altar Boy

                               With Live Original Music by Calamus
Photo by RavenWolfe Photography


Mona Shoola Dance Ensemble


Eva J


A Photography Exhibit

by James Bostick

Linda McGilvray

In  the Tarot, the suit of WANDS represents the element of fire. It expresses creative power, the will, action, passion, aggression, convictions, competition - anything you put your energy into.  And while the element of fire can create, it can also destroy!  WANDS explores this duality.  Come enjoy an evening of live music, dance, spoken word, video, a photography exhibit, raffle prizes and more- with proceeds to benefit the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention, Northeast!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see WANDS!

We love you, and thank you for supporting our event! We are sending proceeds to MA. Coaltion for Suicide Prevention, Northeast. 

To see more of our WANDS pperformance, click on Gallery / Videos.

(Photos by Jim Bostick / Video Stills by Gret )